Born Too Soon

I wanted to share with everyone this wonderful documentary made in Kentucky about premature birth.  This is a large issue in our state as it is all throughout the country.  It is a documentary that expecting mothers should watch no matter if you feel you are at risk for preterm delivery or not.  There are many things factored into whether or not an infant is considered premature.  It isn’t unreasonable for a full term pregnancy to go as long as 42 weeks without becoming compromised.  ACOG (American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology) does not recommend induction of labor before a pregnancy reaches 42 weeks gestation without a medical reason for induction to be needed.

It is an engaging film made from a very objective perspective.  I think it would interest many people, and is an awesome way to gain some valuable information on pregnancy and birth.  You can watch it online.

Click on the image to view the film from the KET website.

Many happy days to you and yours,


About Kelli

I am Kelli B. Haywood, LCCE, a childbirth educator certified through Lamaze, a birth doula, and prenatal yoga instructor. My two little girls light my life. I am the wife of artist, musician, and teacher - John Haywood.
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