The Amazing Body of a Woman

We had a great class last night!  As I sat amongst the amazing women preparing to be mommies, and the supportive, smiling fathers, I couldn’t help but marvel at how awesome pregnancy and birth are.  It is almost unbelievable that we can grow and give life to another human being in such a way.  How our bodies adapt to pregnancy, yes, while uncomfortable at times, is truly to be wondered at.  The really great thing is that something this amazing is also a completely normal and a healthy part of our lives.

Oxytocin, “the love hormone” builds during pregnancy until eventually the baby’s body gives signals to the mother’s ready body, and increased oxytocin begins labor.  From the beginning pregnancy and birth is a labor of love.  A mother who feels safe and supported can find much joy in her hard work.  Boosted by the “calming hormone”, endorphins, partly triggered by the discomforts of labor, mothers can become euphoric during labor and birth.  While working hard, they can be actively relaxed in mind.  It helps mother also to be alert for her baby.  Then, when baby is born, mother is immediately able to care for baby.  Oxytocin then again plays a part in beginning the breastfeeding relationship.  It is a beautiful scenario.  I am still in awe of it as a mother of two, and will always be.  🙂  Kuddos to you mamas!

Next Tuesday’s class will begin activities dealing with early labor, labor support, pain perception, and comfort measures for labor.  There is still room for drop-ins.  Visit the Birth True website for more details.

Many happy days to you and yours,



About Kelli

I am Kelli B. Haywood, LCCE, a childbirth educator certified through Lamaze, a birth doula, and prenatal yoga instructor. My two little girls light my life. I am the wife of artist, musician, and teacher - John Haywood.
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