Why I Love Working with Pregnant Women and Birth

My Daughters- Ivy (2nd born) and Deladis (1st born)

The first reason – these two beautiful little girls who may one day be mothers.  I want them to grow up understanding their body and the capabilities it holds.  To not be ashamed of the functions of their healthy female body.  For them to not be ashamed of or embarrassed by someone wrongly objectifying their breasts.  I want them to know the story of their birth and the births of other babies – other people.  I believe they will see it as miraculous as I do.  It is my dream that when they come of childbearing age that maternal health in this country will have moved forward to being able to combine sound science, medical safety, and the support of our birthing body’s natural process.  By showing my daughter the sanctity of birth, and the importance of loving our community’s pregnant mommies, I hope they will grow up with a positive image of their bodies whether or not they themselves desire to be mothers.

The second reason is these precious moments.  Moments that occur only once.  This mother birthed this child only once.  The word “doula” is Greek in origin and means female servant.  Every birthing woman deserves to be served.  I believe if the woman so desires it she deserves an experienced woman to be there for her – just for her as she lovingly works to birth her baby.  Through being a Lamaze childbirth educator I share with women information that I discovered while searching out this type of support for my own births.  I have the opportunity to use this information again and again in all hopes of making the paths that the women with whom I share it will walk a little less rocky. 

Not to mention, I absolutely adore newborns.  Seeing a child born into this world is like nothing else I have ever experienced both as the birthing woman and as a mother’s childbirth educator and doula.  It tops the list of great things to witness in life.  Those moments when families are born and added too are arguably the most important days in our lives.  Everytime a woman attends my classes or asks that I be her doula, I take it with sincerity.  She has included me in this journey she is taking and it is a priviledge to me.  I will do my utmost to treat her and her family with respect and help them to find the information they are looking for or need to see.  I do all I can to help her see through to the end of her idea of birthing this child, whether it goes as she had wished, or whether there had to be compromises.  To me, it is some of the most important work there is to do in this world. 

Breastfeeding and the Birth of Your Baby Workshop 4-1-10

The third reason is for me.  I desperately needed a dedicated childbirth educator and doula present in my life when I birthed my first born.  I did all I could to inform myself.  I did all I knew to do.  As I have made that journey, and learned from my experience, I needed to use it in a positive way.  I needed to take it back.  I did not walk that road for naught.  I got a gorgeous, happy daughter from it, and if I can use it to help another woman see the act of the birth of her child as a positive moment in her life then it makes that path I took doubly worthwhile.   

There is so much I hope to have the opportunity to do with Birth True.  I have some dreams.  But, whether a class be filled with mothers/families, or I’m sitting with one couple, it is each individual mother, her loved ones, and her child, that makes this work fulfilling.  Each individual story coming together from moment to moment means so much to me.  I am surely blessed to be a part of them.  Thank you! 🙂

Lamaze Childbirth Educator Training Class. Amazing and inspiring women!

About Kelli

I am Kelli B. Haywood, LCCE, a childbirth educator certified through Lamaze, a birth doula, and prenatal yoga instructor. My two little girls light my life. I am the wife of artist, musician, and teacher - John Haywood.
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