Remembering My Second Birth Journey

Three years ago yesterday, at around 5pm, my water broke right after ordering dinner at a little restaurant called Karma Cafe.  It didn’t just spring a leek.  It released the flood.  I sloshed myself to the bathroom to check the released fluids.  There was meconium (baby’s first bowel movement – can be a sign that the baby has been or is in stress).  We got our food to go, went to our van, and called our midwife to meet us at home where we planned to give birth.  I was a little alarmed about the meconium, but I felt my baby moving normally and that reassured me.  That is how my birth journey began.

My second daughter was born at 2:12am on April 28th.  Ivy Pearl weighed 11lbs. and was 22 inches long.  She was born healthy and hungry via cesarean section about 8 hours after we transferred to the hospital.  She wasn’t positioned in a way that would allow her head to engage in my pelvis, her cord was wrapped several times tightly around her arm, and her head was not tucked.  However, I know that labor was good for the both of us, and neither of us were ever in any danger throughout that labor.  I am happy and thankful to have had the opportunity to experience labor and for my baby to choose the day she would be born despite the fact that it was a long process which ended in cesarean.  I knew the chance of needing the surgery was there as we knew about the positioning ahead of time, but I also felt it was important to let the process determine the course it would take.  When it was clear the surgery was our best option, we consented.  It was a blessing to make those decisions on my own with advice from healthcare professionals whom I trusted to care for me and my baby’s wellbeing.  It is a wish I have for every birthing mother.

7 months along with my second daughter

After moving out of recovery to our room - Daylight appears

Sisters meet for the first time.

A tired family of 4.

My Mommy Received Prenatal and Birthing Care from a CPM!

Many happy days to you and yours!  Now let’s have some cake and ice cream!


About Kelli

I am Kelli B. Haywood, LCCE, a childbirth educator certified through Lamaze, a birth doula, and prenatal yoga instructor. My two little girls light my life. I am the wife of artist, musician, and teacher - John Haywood.
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