Online Classes – E-courses

You can now take Birth True classes no matter your schedule or location.  If attending a group/private class or workshop is not an option, but you’d still like to take a class or workshop, taking an e-course can help you explore the information, techniques, and choices avaialable to you and prepare you for many aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn parenting.  E-courses are completed on your own schedule as quickly or slowly as you need.  The information is always there for review in your email, and questions and discussions with your educator (Kelli B. Haywood, LCCE) can happen through email or by phone call also at your convenience.  E-courses can also be personalized to fit your specific situation and particular interests while providing complete preparation and information.

Introduction to Childbirth Education – FREE! This class is an introduction to the benefits of completing a quality childbirth education course.  You will learn what should be covered in a childbirth class, how to review information you find for quality and reliability, and receive some recommendations on resources and books to read through your pregnancy.  This free class can be personalized for you and your specific situation and interests by filling out a short email questionnaire before receiving your e-course.  From this personalization, you can learn how childbirth education can meet your specific needs and help inform your maternity care and birth experience.  Anyone who completes this free e-course will receive $10 off the complete Lamaze Childbirth Preparation E-Course.  Email or call today to register.

Lamaze Childbirth Preparation E-Course – $65 –  You will read a series of 6 email lessons, visit various reliable websites, and watch a variety of online videos in this class series.  Any questions will be answered through email or via phone conversations at your convenience.  You will also receive a the book Prepared Childbirth: The Family Way through mail.  This class is a complete Lamaze Childbirth Preparation Class.  See this link for what is covered.

Setting the Stage for a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth – $25 – This is a series of 2 email classes for early pregnancy.  Information from this class can help you maintain a healthy pregnancy and begin preparations for a healthy birth.  Click here to see what is covered in this class.

Workshops – $20 – $40 – Birth True offers workshops on a wide variety of topics.  Workshops can be excellent as refresher courses for experienced mothers, for those who would like information on a specific topic, or more information on a particular aspect of class that was of interest.  Some examples of workshop course would be: in-depth breastfeeding, releasing your fear of childbirth, in-depth natural comfort measures for birth (as refresher or as an extension of the Childbirth Preparation class), family-centered cesarean birth, and VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).

Schedule your e-course today!  Call 606-642-3495 or email

Payment accepted through Paypal and personal check.  You will receive your first emailed class after payment is received and cleared.  Please email or call with any questions you may have.

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