Empowered Birth – Exciting Times for Birth True!

I’m really excited this week.  I announced that Birth True Childbirth Education is now a duo!  Heather Bates joined with me last week as part of Birth True.  She is a certified prenatal yoga instructor (one of the founders of North Fork Yoga) and a trained birth doula.  Heather is also the mother of two sweet little gals.

I’m so excited because changes are abreast for mountain mamas when it comes to pregnancy, giving birth, and the journey into motherhood.  Positive changes.  Women deserve to experience birth as empowering.  As an experience that they are at the lead of.  By increasing a woman’s knowledge of how to maintain a healthy, low-risk pregnancy, and by providing her with the resources she needs to make informed decisions, we are playing a part in making her pregnancy, labor, birth, and early motherhood as positive an experience as possible for her situation.  This is something that all mothers are deserving of, no matter from where they are coming to the experience.

Throughout the first week of September, we’ll be celebrating Empowered Birth Awareness Week!  What is an empowered birth?  It is a birth where all major decisions are made by a fully informed mother in conjunction with her family, friends, and care provider as she sees fit.  It is a birth where a mother is fully support by a team of people she has chosen to be with her during birth.  It is a birth where the mother’s immediate needs are met in ways in which she desires.  The mother doesn’t feel afraid, has no mistrust, doesn’t have to settle for less, and even if things become complicated the mother has the complete information she needs to understand what is necessary to help her give birth safely and to feel like the care she and her baby receives is the best care possible for her situation.  It is a birth that she can be at peace with.  Where she is always respected and cared for in a kind manner.  Where the strength and wisdom needed to birth is always held by her, and her power is never overridden.  The natural process is uninterrupted unless the process reveals red flags and those guarding the woman’s safety need to intervene for the health of the mother and baby.  It is in all ways peaceful and loving.

During birth, a woman has needs which are caused by her
biology. When these needs, such as privacy and security from
intrusion are met, the primitive brain will take over and her
physiology will orchestrate just what is needed to birth her baby.

Moving freely, vocalizing, and going deeply inward without fear
or self consciousness will allow her body to release the proper
concoction of hormones which will make birth what it was meant to be; an event that is amazing, empowering and deeply intimate. – Birth Power

I’m honored as is Heather any time a woman chooses to invite me into her journey.  It is an extremely unique and special time for any woman and her family.  With Birth True we do our very best to offer as much as we are capable of, and what we can’t provide in terms of support services, we do our best to help women find them within their community.  We offer online classes (with one on one instruction) for those outside of our community and those whose schedule or budget might not allow for in person classes.  We offer also private and group Lamaze Childbirth Preparation ,early pregnancy classes, doula services, and prenatal yoga.  And another exciting addition – Conscious Conception Counseling – available both online and in person.  Find out more by visiting our website – Birth True Childbirth Education.

Many happy days to you and yours!


About Kelli

I am Kelli B. Haywood, LCCE, a childbirth educator certified through Lamaze, a birth doula, and prenatal yoga instructor. My two little girls light my life. I am the wife of artist, musician, and teacher - John Haywood.
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